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Organiser Comments

"Sorry to hear your experiencing this gorilla type underhand marketing against your company, I personally have not been approached but I would like to say that have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and support you have given my self and our event, I have always found you extremely helpful and professional taking and returning my calls which at times must have been painstakingly simple questions on my part. I would like to thank you and your company and would whole heartedly recommend you to others and look forward to continuing to work together over the coming years."

"I have found your service to be excellent and I do hope you are reassured by your client base that attempts like these by rival companies will be treated with the contempt they deserve."

"This is awful to read, so sad and not right on every level.
I’ve not been contacted by or heard of the other company though would let you know if I hear anything in the future.
Just really wanted to reply to say the work you do is amazing and I won’t be going anywhere else.
Thank you for all that you do."


"I've had no contact from them and would consider it bad form and practice had they contacted me in such a way.
We will be using your service again for three of our races in 2019 and have nothing but praise.
Thanks again and all the best"


"We will not change as we are more than happy with the service you provide for our run."

"Keep up the good work, couldn't recommend your system highly enough!"

"You will continue to get our full support."

"NOBODY will ever take me away!  I am very loyal to team Schofield/Howard!"

"Sorry to hear this Phil. I’ve not heard from the other company but they sound like idiots!"

"I've been contacted and just so you know I won't be changing from BookitZone for our race.
We spoke when I was at the National Running Show. It's my intention to use BookitZone for our next Couch To 5k event in the Spring.
I am very happy with your service and support."


"I would like to say you have given excellent service to our race since we started to use your online entry system.
Sorry to hear about your problems, keep up the good work."


"Was contacted by another company a few years ago basically telling me they can undercut you. After I had asked them where they had got the information about my race, I then told them how cheeky they were being and told them where to go. I was really pleased with the service you gave me and would definitely use bookitzone again. (I wouldn't go anywhere else)."

"Have to say been very happy with yourself and John over the years and would heartily recommend to others."

"Very happy with the service you provide. Keep up the good work."

"No contact with them  But I am staying with"

"Keep up the good work."

"I’m really sorry to hear this, what a bad situation and poor business practice.
I haven’t received any contact but will let you know if anything comes after now.
Best of luck getting things sorted!"


"You have always been excellent in developing new systems for us and in supporting us as organisers - as well as supporting athletes/parents who don't understand electronic devices!!
I hope you sort this out - they are clearly a direct competitor in terms of your region and the type of events. Some of us will care about your excellent customer service - other customers will only care about the financial benefits. 
I can only wish you well for the future."


"This is soo disappointing that someone is doing what is underhanded. I have not been contacted but if I am I shall let you know. I can not fault BookitZone - you have been soo helpful and attentive with all of my requirements and it is very much appreciated! "

"Would never entertain any other from me, even if they try to tarnish your name and company!"

"I have no plans to use anyone else other than yourself for future races."

"I've not heard of them before. Happy with your service."

"The service we received last year was top drawer and I'll be approaching you again soon to get set up for this year coming. We're going nowhere!"

"Naughty targeting BookitZone clients, I would feel the same Phil.
I’ll be in touch soon to confirm launch date."


"I am extremely satisfied with your service and I have no intention of switching to them or any other online race entry providers."

"You did such a brilliant job for us last year I have no intention going to anyone else."

"We will continue to use you. Always have, always will."

"I told them I was perfectly satisfied with bookitzone."

"More than happy with bookitzone, competition is fine but slagging off competitors is dirty and hope it gets its just rewards."

"We are more than happy with the combined services of Phil at Bookitzone and John Schofield."

"I’ll be continuing to use bookitzone!"

"Being a race Director, I receive offers all the time (most of which go straight in the bin).
Anyway, needless to say, I am obviously remaining with bookitzone. You provide an excellent service!!!"


"If you want any testimonials from myself or Sue on your business just ask!"

"I had to dig [the email] out of my deleted folder where it was put as soon as I saw it.  It doesn't mention bookitzone which is good but at least you can see what was mentioned.  Happy to provide a testimonial for your website if you want me to."

"Don’t worry we think you’re great and I’ll tell them to feck off if they contact me!"

"I can also confirm that I was 100% happy with your site and your assistance last year and will be hosting this years events with you once I have the details sorted and things arranged."

"You've been loyal to me, I will be sticking around for the NDD on Dec1."

"Wow! What a nasty piece of work they are.
Good job you've found out and can now do something about it.
All the best to you and hope you get it sorted."


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