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Help and Information for Website Users

About the BookitZone Service and Fees:

For more information about our services and fees click here.

Online Booking Facility:

Entering online is simple. Anyone can search our ever increasing range of events throughout the UK and enter them right now, online via the website, receiving immediate confirmation of their booking.

As a website user, you will need to create an account on BookitZone. By doing so, your details will be stored for future event applications. We never sell your information on to third parties. You are advised to read our full Privacy Policy.

Help for Event Organisers:

Why use BookitZone?

At BookitZone, we can list almost any event type you can think of. Our system is exceptionally flexible - allowing you to exactly tailor your event listing to suit your needs. So if you need to capture specific bespoke information from your customers, you can do that - no problem.

Once you have listed your event (and the event has been approved), BookitZone will collect payments for the allocation of a place in your event (or sale of ticket for your event) with a minimum of fuss. By entrusting BookitZone to look after your entries, your administrative workload will be dramatically reduced allowing you to focus on the actual organisation of the event.

We cater for private and public events; from the very smallest social gatherings to the very largest mass attendance events. From sporting events such as distance running, athletics, cycling, darts and snooker, through to business functions, school plays, festivals and family reunions. In fact, whether your event involves 'cheerleading' or 'cheese rolling' - we aim to be able to provide a tailor made service that fits in exactly with the needs of your event.

Our Fees and Charges:

BookitZone allows an organiser to list events that have two payment scenario options, 'Pay to Enter' and 'Free to Enter' events.

Pay to Enter:

With a 'Pay to Enter' event, the Organiser charges a face value for a ticket for - or place in - their event. BookitZone will charge a modest booking fee which is charged to the Entrant. BookitZone does not charge a fee for listing the event on the website, and as the BookitZone handling fee is paid by the applicant, there are no charges levied on the Event Organiser.

Free to Enter:

'Free to Enter' events are events that an Event Organiser wishes to list on BookitZone and have BookitZone manage the entrant information and deal with the bookings for the event.

As the name suggests, 'Free to Enter' events are free for an applicant to enter (that is that the Organiser does not wish to charge event applicants to attend their event).

Examples of 'Free to Enter' events are school reunions, business conferences, weddings and private parties.

BookitZone charges the organiser for listing and handling entries to the event. The charges are based on the event category and the number of places made available via BookitZone. Full price details can be found on our 'Services and Fees' page.


BookitZone accepts most major payment cards, such as Visa and Mastercard. When paying online, BookitZone never has access to, or sight of, your card details which are handled securely via our card processing company.

If you have problems making payment or prefer to make a card payment over the telephone you may do so during office hours. Please see our contact page.

Once you have successfully made payment your details will be passed over to the Event Organiser and you will be issued with an immediate confirmation of your booking which may contain specific information from the Event Organiser relating to their event.

Contact Us:

If you have a question about a specific event - you are strongly advised to contact the Event Organiser directly to ensure that your question is answered without delay. BookitZone acts as an agent on behalf of many Event Organisers and does not have direct knowledge about the events listed on the website.

If you have difficulty contacting the Event Organiser, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

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