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Hidden Extras...

The phrase "Hidden Extras" is one which most people DON'T like to hear. At BookitZone we're proud of ours... 


We thought that you might like to take a closer look and discover the "hidden extras" that we offer as an inclusive part of our service and which are often overlooked by Organisers when choosing a website to provide an online entry service for their events...

We're a professional family business and offer a friendly personal service together with lots of "extras" not found on offer by other online entry services.

There's quite a lot, so if you're in a hurry, you could probably just read the bold bits!



"There are many things you may not necessarily know about BookitZoneAs standard we offer the following benefits to our Organisers and Customers..."




200,000+ ATHLETES - We have over two hundred thousand athletes registered on our website. BookitZone is a great place to get your event in front of the right people and maximise entries. Many of our Organisers are reporting substantial year on year growth with their event entry numbers.

FREE MARKETING - We send emails to all previous entrants when a repeat event opens for entry.

FREE NEWSLETTER PUBLICITY - Your event gets included on our weekly newsletters sent to thousands of subscribers highlighting 'new events' and 'events about to close'.

FREE SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION - Your event is listed on our Twitter and Facebook social media platforms for free. We're also always happy to re-tweet and share publicity for your event.

FREE LINKED-EVENT PROMOTION. When customers enter an event we make event suggestions for other events in their area or events that we think they might like based on their purchase. This helps to further promote your event for free.

WE HAVE CLOSE LINKS with reliable on the day timing service companies. We're happy to provide personal recommendations.

FREE EVENT LISTING ON UKRESULTS - List your event for online entry at BookitZone and get a free link from the race calendar on to your online entry page. Invaluable extra publicity for your event.


Great Features for Organisers:


FULLY CUSTOMISABLE - There's hardly anything that our website can't do. Whatever you need to know from the entrant, we can ask it to ensure you get exactly the data you need from each participant. Want to know their shoe size? No problem!

YOU CONTROL YOUR LISTING - BookitZone has been designed around you. We offer you FULL CONTROL over your own event. You can log on and make changes to your event any time day or night. Need to add a sponsor logo? Update the event description? Close entries? Alter your event limit? Download the very latest entry file? No problem you can do it yourself (or ask us and we'll be happy to do it for you if you wish). We have a handy 'Organisers User Guide' to help you too.

FREE EVENT SET UP - You can either create your event yourself directly on the website, or ask us and we can do it for you for FREE. Simple as that.

AUTOMATED EVENT OPENING AND 'COMING SOON' HOLDING PAGE - Want to open your event at midnight but don't want to wait up? Now you can set automatic advance event opening using our new scheduler. If you like, we can host a 'Coming Soon' holding page for your event with a countdown timer to the event opening.

FREE INDIVIDUAL REFUNDS - Did somebody enter twice? Have they injured themselves prior to the event? If you authorise the refund, we'll process the refund it electronically for FREE (historical refunds within 720 days only).

FREE HELP AND ADVICE - We understand running. We have many years experience helping Organisers with their events. Got any questions - just ask!

FAQ PAGE - Now you can build your own frequently asked questions page to provide your potential customers with a wealth of information about your event. Customisable, and with the ability to upload files such as route maps, sponsor forms, videos, images, spreadheets and Garmin GPX files, whatever you need - we've pretty much got it covered.

FREE AUTOMATED WAITING LIST FEATURE - Tick a box during the event setup and we'll do the rest. If your event sells out, we'll operate a virtual waiting list for your event. Interested parties can join the waiting list, and if additional places are released, we email everybody on the waiting list to tell them there are places available.

LISTING IS 100% COST FREE - There are no set up costs for your event and as we charge a small booking fee on top of your event fee, your event will receive 100% of the entry fee from BookitZone. Any entry you receive won't have cost you a penny - you really do have nothing to lose. We happily work alongside postal applications and even have inbuilt tools to help facilitate this. (*if you would prefer your event to 'absorb' the booking fee, we can do that too!)

FREE POSTAL ENTRY INPUT SERVICE - Input your postal entries onto BookitZone for free. We'll compile the data and make it available for you to download the postal entry data along with your online entries. Ideal for passing on to your on the day results team.

FREE INVOICE GENERATION - with just a few clicks, BookitZone will generate a full breakdown of your event entries allowing you to submit an electronic invoice for payment of your entry fees. It couldn't be simpler.

FAST PAYMENT - Following receipt of your invoice, We pay by BACS and typically the money will be in your account within 24 hours.

FLEXIBLE ENTRY SERVICE - Our roots are in running events - but that doesn't mean we can't handle other types of events. We've listed cycling, athletics, club membership subscriptions and even a scuba diving exhibition! If your event isn't "running" - chances are we can still help.


User Friendly Customer Experience:


NEW SEARCH FACILITY - We looked at our search facility, listened to feedback, and redesigned it. Our NEW search facility has improved event categorisation, and vastly superior search facilities and filters. Customers can find events more quickly and easier than ever before.

EASY PAYMENTS SYSTEM - We use the world leading payment gateway - Stripe - which is exceptionally easy to use, fully secure and accepts all the major credit and debit cards.

EASY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ENTRY SYSTEM - BookitZone has designed a special feature which allows family and friends to share a user account. This means that our customers can select who is entering your event and their details are pre-filled automatically for the most user friendly, simplest and quickest entry procedure possible.

EASY EVENT ENTRY - We offer one of the simplest online entry services for participants to use. Some events can be entered in as little as four clicks of the mouse.

IMPROVED EVENT PAGES - We've re-designed our event pages to enable Organisers to customise the event page with their own logo/event banner. Cosmetic changes also provide website users with a better all-round experience.

USER CHANGES/AMENDMENTS - We've added the ability for participants to be able to change their details after they have entered your event - BUT only if you allow this! Changes may include amending an estimated finishing time, updating their running club, or of course their personal details should they change.


Personal Customer Service:


ROUND THE CLOCK SUPPORT - (well not quite!) but you'll usually get a response out of hours. We don't just work 9-5!

FAMILY RUN BUSINESS - Yes we're a professional business, but we're family run too and have personality. We're certainly not the bland corporate faceless type of company that you can come across. Friendly, reliable and trustworthy; we are always around to offer help when needed. 

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - We're proud of the excellent levels of customer service that we provide to our Customers and Organisers. But don't just take our word for it. Visit our Customer Feedback page to see for yourself.

WE ACT ON CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - We're always keen to hear about your experience with BookitZone. We listen to all feedback and do our best to re-develop the website to accommodate customer feedback for the benefit of all users of the site.

"...I wouldn't consider using anyone else, you're so helpful."
– Janine B (Organiser) – St Thomas 7



Website and Company Assurances:


FULLY SECURE WEBSITE - Our website operates with 256bit SSL encryption to keep customers details safe.

FULL DAILY DATA BACK UPS - We have daily backups in operation (should the worst ever happen!)

WE ARE FULLY INSURED - Professional Indemnity Insurance for Marketing, Advertising and Communications. E-Risks cover for viruses, malware, and cyber crime. Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance when attending events. 

WE ARE FULLY PCI DSS COMPLIANT - The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Credit and debit card transactions are handled securely by our payment providers. BookitZone never sees customers payment card details.

WE ARE GDPR/ICO COMPLIANT - BookitZone is registered with the ICO and fully compliant with our obligations relating to Data Protection & Electronic Communications and Marketing and GDPR. The ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) is the UK's independent body set up to uphold information rights. 

We NEVER pass on or SELL customer details to any third parties. (We hate junk mail too!)


"Hidden Extras? At BookitZone, it's all part of the service..."


Coming Soon... (Features in Development)


ADD DONATIONS - We're adding the ability for entrants to donate to your events' chosen charity.

SELL EVENT ITEMS - We're adding the ability for you to sell event related items such as commemorative t-shirts/beanies/hoodies etc.

FREE EVENT REPORTING - We're developing graphical reports enabling you to view entries received and when they were made, so you can see how well your sales are performing in addition to seeing the results of any marketing push. Also you will be able to compare historical events to see how well your entries are performing this year compared to previous years.

START LISTS - We'll soon be adding the ability for Organisers to display a start list for their event.

IMPROVED 'MOBILE FRIENDLY' WEB PAGES - We're improving the way our customers interact with our website on mobile and tablet devices.

AUTOMATED TRANSFERS SYSTEM - Although we can already effect transfers of a place from one runner to another (when permitted by the race organiser), we're adding a feature where runners can perform transfers themselves directly on the website.

IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR PROMOCODE SYSTEM - Providing better and more flexible options for event promotions.

BETTER INTERACTION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA - Soon, Organisers and Athletes will be able to voluntarily include details of their social media accounts in their user profiles and event pages (Twitter/Facebook/Power of 10/Strava/Garmin/Blog Links etc). If you choose to provide this information, we'll use it to help match runners to events of interest, and to promote event organisers events. Intelligent use of this information will also enable us to develop a whole host of exciting new interactive features.



"There is always someone willing to do it cheaper..."


We know there is always someone, somewhere who will 'do it cheaper' - and we accept that.

That said, we're confident that we offer great value for money; providing exceptional customer service, and a reliable, flexible, robust, secure and intuitive website with fantastic features. That's why for every new user on our website, we have a repeat order from an existing satisfied customer.

We never rest on our laurels, and are constantly developing the website to add new features. We're usually on hand out of hours to help. 

If you are still considering another online entry service provider after comparing like for like, please allow us the opportunity to compete for your business before making a decision and we'll see what we can do!


Thankyou for reading about our service - I hope we can work together with your next planned event.

To get in touch, please find our details on our contact page.


Phil Howard

Proprietor | BookitZone Ltd

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