Waiting List Manager

If you have added yourself to a waiting list for a sold out event, you can view it here.

You can also remove yourself from any waiting list by clicking the corresponding link.

IMPORTANT - Please understand how the waiting list works...

If you have signed up to a waiting list and further places are released by the organiser, BookitZone will immediately email the first 20 people on the waiting list. If the released places remain unsold after 2 hours, then the remainder of the waiting list is emailed.

Being first on a waiting list DOES NOT guarantee a place when extra places are released. Extra places are made available on a first come first served basis. 

Can't you just email the first person on the list, followed by the next one if not taken up? Isn't that the fairest way?

We thought long and hard about this - but its not feasible. Some customers may have made other plans since joining the waiting list so may no longer want the place, others may be away on holiday with no access to emails.

We debated whether we should reserve places for a certain period of time - but however long we gave, (whether 24 hours, 48 hours or 1 week), if after that time period the place was still not sold then the process would need to be repeated for the next person on the list (and so on and so on) allowing a similar period of grace each time.

Its inevitable that using such a system would potentially mean that some released places would remain unsold if the event date was imminent - thus preventing somebody else who is available to run from having the opportunity to book a place.

I'm sorry we simply can't satisfy everyone. The waiting list feature attempts to be a best compromise between filling the event for the organiser and offering the extra places with some kind of priority to those that joined the waiting list earliest.

Of course, the best way to secure your place to any event is to book early before the event fills.

Hopefully this explains how the waiting list works and the reasons why it does so in this way.


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