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Essential Winter Running Gear

Are you the type of runner who rolls out in the same tatty shorts and worn out t-shirt no matter the weather?

Not only can this lead to a very unenjoyable run in cold weather it can also affect your training and put you at some serious health risks. It can be tough enough running through the winter months so don’t make it hard for yourself by giving yourself a cold.

With the running gear on offer these days there’s no excuse for running ill-equipped. Take a look at our list of some of the essential winter running gear, so you can make your exercise a much more enjoyable experience:

1.       Waterproof Jackets: A quality waterproof jacket is an essential part of a runner’s wardrobe. Not only does it provide full wind and rain protection, but thanks to cutting edge design and materials, they are also highly breathable, so you won’t overheat. Even over long distances, a waterproof jacket will keep you cool whilst protecting you from getting washed out in a downpour.

2.       Windproof Jackets: These won’t provide as much protection from heavy downpours like a waterproof jacket will, but if it’s breezy outside they’re brilliant for deflecting that wind chill. Windproof design means not a whistle of wind will reach your skin, but still lets your skin breathe and shift that sweat so you won’t be hot and sticky and unable to regulate your body temperature properly.

3.       Running tops: Available in lightweight or mid-weight materials, running tops are the must have item for any runner. The highly technical fabric keeps you warm, dry, comfortable, and looking good; if you feel like stopping for a coffee after your run you won’t look out of place in one of these snazzy numbers.

4.       Running Tights and Pants: There’s no point staying wrapped-up up top and leaving your legs to turn to icicles. Look after your legs and they’ll look after you. Freezing cold legs are more likely to get injured, so keep them warm with some cosy running tights or windproof running pants.

5.       Accessories: Don’t just throw on any old hat and gloves when out running, especially in winter. Make sure your accessories have the right moisture wicking properties and breathability, so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Kitted out in the right gear you’ll be all set to take on any run in any weather over the winter. If you’re preparing for any running events, then the right running gear is the best first step to staying motivated through the cold season.

5th December 2017, 11:02
Page updated 5th Dec 2017, 11:03
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