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How Many Types Of ‘-Athlon’ Events Are There?

Keeping up with the different types of races that are launched each year can be hard work. There are now a huge selection of varying distances and discipline combinations that we aren’t too far away from literally having a different race for each runner.
21st May 2018

The Health Risks Of Running A Marathon

Running a marathon is no stroll in the park: it is a physically demanding and emotionally challenging, slightly faster walk in the park. Running 26 miles puts considerable stress on the body and we are unsurprised every time we hear that someone who has put in little training gets into difficulty when attempting one.
21st May 2018

Could Throwing Away Banana Peels Be Throwing Away Important Nutrients?

Either by curiosity or by accident, odds are you’ve ended up with a mouthful of banana skin. And let’s be honest, it tastes rank; nothing like the sweet and delicious fruit inside. But here’s something we didn’t know: the peel on a banana is actually more nutritious than the fruit inside.
21st May 2018

Al­ter­nati­ve Cardio For Weight Loss

The type of exercise you do will determine the body that you have. For example, if you train like a distance runner, you will develop a runner’s body with a smaller amount of lean muscle; if you train like a sprinter, you’ll form a sprinters body and see muscle growth and fat loss.
3rd May 2018
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