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Plogging: The New Trend You May Not Have Heard Of

Running is great – it’s a sport we love that just so happens to be great for our physical well-being, as well as our emotional and psychological well-being. And thanks to a new trend from Scandinavia, running is now also proving to be beneficial for the earth too.
Eco friendly joggers of Scandinavia have taken to collecting litter on their jogging trips, dubbing the exercise-cum-litter picking activity “Plogging”: an amalgamation of “Jogging” and “Plucking”.
Plogging was created by a gentleman called Erik Ahlstrom, and his Stockholm-based group ‘Plogga’ are now attempting to turn joggers into a force for environmental reform.
13th February 2018

5 Ways To Mentally Prepare For A Race

Turning up the difficulty on your training can increase your lung capacity and leg strength; implementing diet plans can make sure you’re shedding extra weight and running like a well-oiled machine; but when it come down to race day, the biggest battle can be in the mind.
8th February 2018

Here are the reasons runners avoid a vegan diet

We all know someone who is vegan - because they’ve told us all about it, many times. Seen as just another fad a few years ago, the vegan lifestyle is picking up momentum. More and more people are ditching meat and other animal products for different reasons, with a lot of those people also being runners.
6th February 2018

How to choose the right running shoe

Running shoes are the most important equipment in a runner’s arsenal. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a perfect fitting trainer, the sensation of finding that steady rhythm and the peaceful calm that results from a good run.
6th February 2018
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