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How To Prepare For A Marathon In Fancy Dress

Running a marathon can be a tough challenge. Running one in full fancy dress is on another level entirely.

It takes a brave spirit to attempt a marathon in costume. If you are thinking of trying it there are definitely a few things you should know about. Here are some of the best tips for running in costume, from some of the fastest costumed racers ever:

  • Keep an Open Mind
  • You shouldn’t treat a costumed race like you would any other. Those who turn up in their shorts will be aiming for a personal best time; if you’re at the starting line-up dressed as Batman, you can probably forget about setting any serious times. Instead, you shouldn’t be treating this race too seriously. You’re bringing an element of parade and spectacle to a race, so enjoy yourself.

  • Try a Practice Run
  • Even experienced runners can be shocked at the difficulty of a costumed race. Make sure you take out your fancy dress for a few smaller runs in the build up to a major race, you’ll get used to running in the costume and avoid any unpleasant discoveries on race day – costume running can result in some serious chafing.

  • Expect Comments
  • When people see Superwoman running the London Marathon they’re going to have questions. Most people will be really supportive and will have plenty of things to ask you, and some will get a little competitive - nobody wants to be beaten by a costumed runner. If you’re dressed in costume for a race then needless to say you’re going to be centre of attention, so enjoy it, and if comments start to bother you, remember, you’re wearing a mask.

  • The Challenge
  • Costumes aren’t exactly designed for the heavy breathing and sweating that running causes. Even running slowly will cause profuse sweating as all the heat your body produces will stay inside the suit. Costumes can cause tear inducing chafing so try and make adjustments to your suit through your practice runs for the most comfortable wear. The worst feel of all is the claustrophobic nature of fancy dress costumes. Learn how to control your breathing to avoid hyperventilating and panic attacks.

    Take note of these top tips, so if you choose to face any future running events in fancy dress, you will be able to do so enjoyably. Good Luck!


    12th December 2017, 11:42
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