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Could a Personal Trainer help improve your running?

Park runs have seen a number of amateur runners take up their first competitive races and get a taste for it.


As marathon running has become more readily accessible for everyone, a lot of runners are taking part in more than one a year. In order to see measurable advances in their performance, but struggling to know how to increase their exercise in a positive and healthy way, personal trainers - specialising in running events - are becoming a popular choice.

The question is:

Why should you start using a personal trainer?


PT’s can help you set goals, and carry them through to completion. Coaches are well trained at setting achievable but advantageous targets based on what the client wants.

They can tell you what is realistic, as well as what it will take to achieve it.


PT’s are a great source of motivation. The key to good training is remaining consistent. Through consistency your long-term goals will be achieved; it may take a few weeks or even months but running is a long-term event that requires a long-term commitment.

The key to this consistency is through remaining motivated. One-on-one training is great at changing negative attitudes towards exercise, and keeping the client motivated.


A specially designed programme includes training runs, warm-up drills, cool-down and recovery activities, nutritional guidance, strength training and race-day prep. A lot of these things get overlooked by amateur runners when training for events, yet they are all important components of the runner’s preperation.


As well as the exercise part of the training, PT’s can give advice on great meal plans to ensure you are eating right and enhancing your performance through diet.


Bringing a personal trainer on board can make a huge difference in your performance through correct training. If you’re serious enough about your fitness, then you could even look at signing up for some personal trainer courses to get started on a brand-new career path!



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