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Cycling Events: Top Cycling Tips Part 2


Cycling is always more fun when done with friends. Take a tip from the pro peloton and ride in a bigger group. The added company works as great motivation as you can push each other further than you would if you were cycling solo.

Drink Responsibly

Bottles are designed specifically for cyclists so they can be used easily when in the cycling position. Don’t tilt your head back to drink, instead, tilt the bottle. The rubber mouth piece means you can bite the bottle to keep it steady and keep your eyes on the road the whole time.

Eating to Schedule

Sticking to a similar meal plan is best in the run up to a cycling event. Only ever experiment with your eating routine on training days, as trying something new on race day can end up disagreeing with you.

Useful Apps

There are tonnes of apps out there for cyclists; some you’ll have to fork out a little bit for, but most are free. From route trackers to diet plans, you’ll be able to find an app for almost everything. So, make use of them.

Pre-ride Checklist

People often overlook their pre-ride checklist, but it’s important that you give your bike a quick health check before each ride.

Give your bike a good examination before each ride. Check the wheels are aligned, and that they are spinning smoothly without any resistance. Make sure the chain is oiled and free of grit.

Check your breaks by applying them and rocking the bike back and forth. If there’s any movement in the headset, loosen the stem’s clamp bolts and tighten the top cap until there is no more movement. Retighten the clamp bolts before you ride.

Having a set of handy guidelines for upcoming cycling events means you won’t overlook anything important in all the excitement. 


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