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Cycling Events: Top Cycling Tips

Take a look at some of our handy tips to improve your cycling technique:

Mix it up

Is your usual cycling route getting tedious? Ride different routes. Riding the same route repeatedly is a sure-fire way to get bored of cycling. Finding different roads will add variety to your ride and keep things exciting.


Make sure you are mixing up a ride with intervals of different intensities. Alternating 2 minutes of fast pace, with 2 minutes of slower pace, will make sure you are improving with each ride rather than stagnating.

King of the Hill

When you’re taking on a steep climb don’t overdo it too early. Start at a steady pace and work your way through the gears gradually to find your balance. Starting in too big a gear early on will burn you out and you’ll find yourself walking the rest of the way up.

Aim for a Century

This is an aim to work up to. Don’t head out and try it straight away as you’ll just end up disappointed. Instead, add 10 miles to your longest ride and build up to that first Century.

Flat Tires

So you don’t waste too much time at the side of the road changing flats, you can hone your skills at home. Practice changing your tires in your garden or garage, with the gear you take out with you. This way, if a puncture occurs on a ride you’ll have it changed in a flash.

Use these tips to perfect your form, and bask in the improvements as you train for upcoming cycling events.




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