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13 Great Reasons To Take Up Running Today

Just being accessible isn’t the only thing that makes it so worthwhile though. Running has so many positive effects it’s more than just an economical alternative to a gym membership:

·  Running is one of the top calorie burning exercises; so you burn more calories per minute than a host of other exercises.

·  It gets your metabolism working full time. So even when you’re not running your body is still benefitting from the effects.

·  You will save money: no expensive equipment is required to take part.

·  Jogging can be great for your social life. Taking part in running clubs or just running with a friend gives a chance to chew the fat whilst burning it.

·  Even without someone to run with, running can be great for self-reflection and self-discovery.

·  Going out for a quick run after work is a great way to shake off a bad day and boost your mood.

·  Your brain will benefit from a revitalising run and you will benefit by feeling more creative and adventurous.

·  It gets you outside and lets you enjoy nature every once in a while.

·  Running has therapeutic effects; increasing your self-esteem, lowering stress levels and even fighting depression and anxiety.

·  It may sound counterintuitive but running actually gives you more energy. The boost in metabolism and raised fitness will make you feel less tired throughout the day.

·  It makes you live longer – and who doesn’t want that.

·  Increases your vitality: if you feel lethargic, you can re-ignite your mojo by running.

·  Giving yourself goals to work towards and following them through does wonders for your character. It rubs off on other aspects of your life, like work and personal goals as well.

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things you can try testing yourself further, with running events all across the UK.

20th October 2017, 11:48
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