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Everything You Need To Know About Fell Running

For those who have completed a handful of road races and are looking for a greater challenge, there are Fell/Hill races available across the country. But what exactly is Fell Running?

 This type of off-road running utilises upland country where the gradient climbed is all part of the challenge. The name dates back to when the English sport took place on the Fells of England, like those in the Lake District; a location still used today for its scenic setting.

 Fell running itself started in the 19th Century as a part of community fairs and games. The test of speed and strength over these rugged terrains was seen as the pinnacle of fitness for a long time, and we can see why.

 Unlike your usual road races, runners taking part in fell races must possess mountain navigation skills as well as carrying adequate survival gear prescribed by the organisers. It may seem intimidating for the uninitiated, but the sense of adventure is a great tonic for any anxieties before the race.

 Fell runners have to kit themselves out a little differently to normal running races; weather can change dramatically up on the hills so waterproof hats, tops and trousers should be carried. Gloves are also a must, as well as some equipment; a whistle, compass and map carried in a comfortable fitting bum bag are a necessity. 

 Fell running shoes differ slightly from normal running shoes. They should remain lightweight to dispel water from crossing fords but also provide protection around the sides of your feet. You will be covering some treacherous ground so they should have good ankle support and a deep studded sole to grip the different surfaces.

 Providing a great challenge amongst some of the most beautiful sights the U.K has to offer; Fell Running is becoming more and more popular amongst the adventurous outdoor types. The Fell Runners Association publishes a calendar of 400 to 500 races per year and you can find Fell/Hill races as well as other running events near you by searching on


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