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Jump On Board The Buggy Running Craze

It might sound as though we’re being a little over-dramatic, but think about it: buggy running has provided mums all over the world with an opportunity to keep fit while also looking after their young children.

We should all know that it’s hard for most parents to find time for exercise when they start looking after their children, leading many to worry about becoming overweight or lethargic. The buggy running craze lets parents combine both worlds, so that keeping fit can actually become a big part of the parenting routine.

Choosing The Right Buggy

But it’s not just a simple case of heading out the front door right now and going for a brisk jog with your 6 month-old. If you’re planning on getting involved with buggy running, then you should take a look at the different strollers available to you.

Whether you’re planning on jogging through bumpy country paths or smooth pavements, you need to make absolutely sure that your buggy is right for the terrain. The last thing you want is to end up with a pram on its side as you try to explain to onlookers how you managed to fall over.

The key here is research, research and, yep, even more research. The buggy industry is absolutely massive, so you need to ensure you’re picking the right one- especially since they can cost a lot of money.

Running Style

You shouldn’t expect to suddenly turn into Usain Bolt just because you’ve gotten yourself some decent footwear and a brand-new stroller. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even attempt to run that fast anyway, as it’s a safe bet that your poor baby wouldn’t have the best of times.

You should maintain a light, gentle pace that has a certain rhythm to it, so that things don’t get too chaotic for your child. You could even strap the handles of the buggy to your arms so that you don’t risk losing grip while you run, but they also need to sit at a comfortable height.

Just picture yourself hunched over a tiny buggy as you run down the road- not exactly great for your posture or back!

If you’re loving the idea of heading out with your young child and keeping fit, then you’ll be delighted to know that you can find all kinds of buggy running events right here! Just search for the area you’d like to run in, and we do the rest for you!


17th October 2017, 11:21
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