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Perfect Your Running Form

You’re preparing for a race, the last thing you want now is to be stopped in your tracks by injury. Even small niggling injuries can prevent us from training so it’s best that you perfect your running form.

 You want to make sure you are training correctly at all times, this way a good running form becomes second nature to you. Utilise these handy tips to ensure you run stronger, longer, faster, smarter and injury-free:

·         EYES – Keep your head up. When you look down it likely means you’re leaning forward. This increases the weight on your lower back which can lead to discomfort and injury. With your eyes up, your improved posture makes it easier to breath as well as helping you enjoy your surroundings.

·         JAW – Keep it relaxed and keep your mouth open. You need that oxygen! With your mouth open you will be taking in air through nose and mouth, and flushing out that carbon dioxide much more efficiently.

·         HANDS – Don’t ball your fists. Keep them cupped lightly to ensure your spending less energy tensing your hands and more on the race. If it’s a long race tense fists will become sore and distracting.

·         FEET – Now there’s no definite answer on how your feet should be hitting the ground. So, find the way that’s best for you; whether that’s with a midfoot strike, heel strike or forefoot strike, they’re all good. Focus instead on the distance between strides. Increasing your cadence is one of the most efficient ways of making sure you’re using the correct foot strike to avoid injury.

·         MIND – Overthinking can be a runner’s downfall. Let your mind relax and most importantly - enjoy yourself! Let running become a reflex, after all, your body was built to do it.

·         SHOULDERS – Drop and relax your shoulders. A common problem for runners; tense shoulders can cause great discomfort and are simply a waste of energy.

·         POSTURE - Everything we’ve talked about adds to a good posture, but make sure you hold yourself upright and don’t bend at the waist. Poor posture restricts blood flow, making it a lot harder to run. Having hip flexors and abductors functioning in their prime positions greatly minimizes the risk of injury.

·         ANKLES – Lean forward at the ankles rather than the waist. This will help propel you along more efficiently.

 With the perfect form mastered you are now ready to crack on with training and prepare yourself for a running event. Keep up the good work, and keep aiming for that P.B.

5th October 2017, 11:57
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