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Top tips for running at night

  • Awareness
  • Whilst running is a great way to zone out and clear your mind, make sure you stay concentrated on your surroundings as well. Night time running makes it harder to distinguish obstacles and people; awareness can make all the difference and avoid accidents.

  • Stay Familiar
  • These nights of reduced visibility probably aren’t the best time to try out a new route. Stick to one of your tried and tested circuits; one of the routes you know like the back of your hand. Don’t think you have to run the exact same circuit every time though, creating a pattern for unwanted creepers can also be a danger, so rather than pick a familiar route, try a familiar neighbourhood in which to mix it up in.

  • I.D
  • Make sure you have something in which to identify you just in case the worst does happen. Carry a pocket I.D or an I.D bracelet if you have one.

  • Run against the traffic
  • This gives both you and drivers a good view of what’s ahead of them. Being able to see oncoming vehicles allows you to make last minute adjustments. Try and avoid rush hour running; the less cars on the road the safer you’ll be.

  • Don’t run alone
  • Good practice for any time of the year. It may sound cliché but safety in numbers is real, and two sets of eyes are better to spot obstacles and possible dangers.

  • Bring your phone
  • There are current apps for smartphones designed with runner’s safety in mind. The ‘bSafe’ app lets users send an emergency message to designated friends and family at the touch of a button. The ‘Road ID’ app means you can see where accidents may have happened or where there’s busy traffic - so you can plan your run accordingly.

  • Headphones
  • We know most of us feel like we need the music for a run, but try without so you have an extra sense listening out for danger on your runs. Simply leaving one ear free can be a huge benefit.

  • Bright clothing
  • An obvious one but one which people still tend to overlook. Wear as much neon, light-reflecting apparel as possible. Headlamps are also a great idea to light the way and make your presence known to drivers. 

    Preparing for running events takes serious dedication, so don’t let these darker evenings get in the way of your training. Follow this simple guide to ensure you stay safe on the road.


    31st October 2017, 13:52
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