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Welcome To The BookitZone Blog!

In the past we've been rather 'low-key' here at BookitZone.

We haven't tended to bombard athletes inboxes with emails however we realise the importance of communicating with our customers (but of course ONLY those that WANT to be contacted). You can unsubscribe at any time however we'd appreciate you stick around to see what our new newsletters have to offer.

Since you’re registered on our site and you’re currently sat reading this post, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ve got at least a tiny bit of interest in running. After all, you’re in exactly the right place if you want to browse running events and get booked onto the perfect race, so any lack of interest would suggest that you’ve managed to click a wrong button somewhere.

But for those of you that love to sign up for charity runs and marathons, you’ll probably already be fully aware of just how vast the world of running really is. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it can be a real nightmare to keep on top of all the different events that take place across the country every year, and you might just find yourself constantly scouring the internet to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Fortunately, BookitZone do all of the hard work for you. Not only do we keep you up to date with upcoming events, we also provide a platform for you to book onto those events in one awesome, convenient place.

Ultimately, we’re here to make the life of a runner as easy as possible, by providing everything you need to get booked onto a whole range of running events. With an incredible choice of marathons, athletics, triathlons and even running buggy events (yes, they’re are a thing now), we make sure to give you the widest choice of events available on the internet.  

But you already knew that didn’t you? Whether you’re a runner or the organiser behind one of these fantastic events, you should all know that BookitZone is dedicated to making your life just that little bit easier.

What you might not have known, however, is that we’re starting up our very own blog to make sure you’re given all of the information you need to find the best event out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardened professional, a wannabe athlete or just someone looking for a challenge, our blog will be bringing you all kinds of important news.

We’ll be telling you all about upcoming events and keeping you up to date with all the big news throughout the world of running and fitness. For any beginners out there, we’ll even be putting together some hints and tips on how to prepare for the big day, to make sure that you have the best run possible! If you want to know about orienteering, cycling, walking, or any other type of races, then you’ll hear about it right here!

In short, we’ll be bringing you all of the big news you need to hear in preparation for your running event, so keep your eyes peeled for our new posts every week!

As the number one place to get yourself booked onto all kinds of running events, we can’t wait to really get cracking on our new blog and give you that extra motivation for your event!



13th September 2017, 9:00
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