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Why You Should Join A Running Club

We see them around in the evenings; large throngs of brightly clothed joggers all shuffling along through the streets and we all think the same thing; ‘I should join a running club’.

But the thought of actually taking the plunge and joining your local running club can be a daunting task. If you’re a beginner then the level of other runners can be intimidating; nobody wants to be the weakest link in the group, holding others back.

Thankfully, there are now running clubs that cater to every level of runner. Joining a running club can improve your running in many ways; whether you are a true beginner or a seasoned athlete.

Improve your Running

Once you’re over the fear of surrounding yourself with experienced runners, then you can start reaping the benefits: those experienced individuals you were so intimidated by will soon become a fountain of useful information that will positively impact your running. They will have helpful tips and tricks from the most useful kit, to the best places to run through different times of the year; they can be your pace setters and can recommend local physios if you ever feel any niggles.


Running the same route is a trap we all fall into at times. When we get comfortable with a favourite route it is easy for boredom to set in. To keep things fresh and exciting, running clubs encourage you to vary your training and to add different routes into the mix. Many clubs work with coaches who can organise tailor made sessions from speed work to hill training.

Earn Your Stripes

It is a long stretch to call ourselves ‘runners’ when we start out, regardless of how good it sounds. But when we join a running club, and our technique and endurance improve, then we feel as though we’ve earned our place in the running community and can truly embrace our new mantle of ‘runner’. Being able to advise new club members is a great way of feeling you’ve truly earned your stripes.


The biggest incentive of joining a running club has nothing to do with running at all. Running clubs are packed with likeminded runners with a range of characters where you will be guaranteed to make new friends. Running with friends is a great incentive to return each week; especially if, like us, you struggle to self-motivate.

You can even join running events with your running clubs, and now you have a solid group to train with you are much more likely to see it through.    

4th April 2018, 14:05
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