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4 Epic Running Events in The UK

Epic is hard to come by in the UK. For the most part, we are quietly confident in our countries natural beauty, but it is a stretch to think of any of it as epic.

But things are changing. Running events across the UK have been evolving. Gone are the days of simple 5K and 10K runs through the local parks and major cities. There are now some really interesting running events to get involved with. Let’s take a look:

1.     Badminton Horseless Trials

Have you ever watched the famous equestrian cross-country course around Badminton castle and thought, ‘I’d love to give that a try’, but find yourself severely lacking in the horse department?

Well now, on the 14th October, the course is open to runners, with half marathon, nine-mile, and five-mile distances. The formidable obstacles are a challenge for horses, so be well prepared if you’re thinking of taking on the race. The fences are high, and the water hazards are deep and chilly!

2.     Dartmoor Prison Break

Have you ever wondered how far you’d get during a prison break? Well, now you can find out. The DPB is a relatively young race – starting in 2017 – but has become a hugely popular take on a foot race.

The goal is simple: starting form the gates of Dartmoor Prison, you have a set time to get as far away as possible. Escapees are fitted with a GPS tracker and given either a 12 or 24-hour time limit to travel as quickly as they can on foot. The winners of this year’s 24-hour July race reached up to 100 miles.

3.     nohtaraM nodnoL ehT

Born out of the frustration by many runners at failing to gain a ballot for The London Marathon, the nohtaraM nodnoL ehT isn’t actually an official race. Around 200 runners meet on The Mall in the small hours before the official event and complete the course in reverse, arriving onto Blackheath early enough to avoid making a nuisance of themselves. The event is free, but that is only because there are no marshals or aid stations along the way: you need to be fully self-supported.

4.     Man v Horse

A running event like this could only be concocted in Wales. After pondering who could travel faster over 22 miles of rocky and technical paths, a horse or a person, Man vs Horse was born. It turns out that more often than not, four legs still trump two, but there have been some notable human wins in the race’s 27-year history. Every year a horse wins, a £500 addition is made to the kitty, which would mean a human winner in 2018 will take home a cool £2,500.



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