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Fat-Loss Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you’ve probably tried every trick in the book. There are so many advice columns and ‘how-to’ articles based around losing weight that by now it’s a surprise any of us have any body fat left at all.

Trying to shed pounds and keep them off for good is a challenge – we all know that, so we rounded up some of the most cunning hacks, neat tricks and ingenious tips for helping everybody lose weight.

1.     Eat More Seafood

Most obese people struggle with diets due to low levels of the satiety hormone leptin, which helps us feel full. Crustaceans such as langoustines and lobster are rich in zinc, a hormone which dramatically ramps up the production of leptin, helping you feel fuller quicker and for longer.

2.     Fat Stores

Evolution has done some great things for our bodies, but one thing we can try to overwrite is our bodies ability to store fat for impending famine. By imposing a tactical food delay, we can hack our weight-loss hard drive. Training on an empty stomach first thing in the morning triggers a rise in PDK4 gene expression – code for a sign your body is burning fat.

3.     Spring Onions

With high levels of chromium, spring onions in your post workout meal can help you metabolise your carbs for fuel. They also contain fibre and calcium to aid weight loss.

4.     Add Heat

We all know chillies have the amazing ability to bump up our metabolism, but now they have also been found to contain capsaicin – the chemical that gives chilli it’s spice – which hacks the genes involved in digestion and uses up calories long after you’ve eaten it.

5.     Bar Snacks

Even though we work out for running events, we still have to live. Trips to the bar are inevitable if you want to survive the absurdity of life, and to celebrate a race victory. It isn’t just our drink we need to keep an eye on when it comes to losing weight, our bar snacks are a sneaky way of bumping up calories. Peanuts have been shown to contain resveratrol – the compound also found in red wine – which famously helps boost your bodies fat burning ability.


14th August 2018, 9:50
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