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Tips for Planning a Marathon Holiday

There are dedicated marathon lovers out there who use their down time as a chance to experience a new location through running. When booking the perfect running holiday there are a few things to consider; from the kit to the sights, the holiday takes some organising. But with some handy hints under your belt, everything should be smooth sailing:


Know how much you’re prepared to spend on your holiday and stick to it. If you are able to travel outside of school holidays your entire holiday will be cheaper and locations won’t be as busy; meaning you will have the space and freedom to run without being interrupted by crowds of tourists.

Marathon Crowds

Navigating your own city during a marathon is tough work, so make sure you book a hotel within walking distance of the marathon finish-line, so you don’t have to battle crowds and unfamiliar public transport after you’ve just finished a race.


Some races will require different things, so make sure you’ve done your research beforehand. Some races require a medical certificate, which is going to be very difficult to get a hold of if you don’t have one with you. It’s also wise to check whether you’ll need any vaccinations or extra medication at your destination.

Jet Lag

The fatigue brought about by jet lag can be a huge adversity to your running event times. It is easier to adapt when travelling westward as you’re going to sleep later than normal. When travelling east, try and go to sleep gradually earlier in the week running up to your flight.

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