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The Runner’s Diet: Essential Foods

There are foods out there that will not only help you increase your speed, but also help you reduce the risk of illness and injury along the way.

Let’s take a look at the best foods every runner should have in their cupboards:

1.      Bananas

This super fruit is now synonymous with athletes. Whether It’s being eaten courtside at Wimbledon or on a bike in the Tour de France, this high-carb energy booster is the perfect accompaniment to any runner. They contain a healthy dose of potassium - which is especially important for long-distance runners in hot temperatures. Sweating causes essential minerals to be lost, potassium helps compensate for the loss of those vital minerals.

2.      Oats

There’s no better start to the day for a runner than a bowl of porridge. The ultimate carb starter is also high in fibre and a low glycaemic index helps your blood sugar level rise slowly, providing you with slow release energy through the course of the day.

3.      Peanut Butter

It’s true that peanuts contain a lot of fat, but these fats are mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which can actually help lower cholesterol levels. Not only that, they strengthen your immune system, speeding up your post-run recovery and prevent injuries. Packed with protein and vitamin E, peanut butter is a great tasting treat that every runner needs.

4.      Broccoli

The best food for preventing sore muscles is the vitamin C packed veggie, broccoli. It also contains calcium, folic acid and vitamin K, which help strengthen our bones.

5.      Plain Yoghurt

The perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins, with a high percentage of essential amino acids. Eat some straight after running events or training to help motivate recovery. The calcium helps further toughen your bones, and live lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) stimulate gut flora and boost your immune system. A great choice for runners and non-runners alike.  



27th February 2018, 13:43
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