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Thinking of running a multi terrain race?

In order to battle the tedium of regular street runs, multi terrain races have seen a sharp increase in popularity recently. Events such as the age old cross-country running and new events like mud runs and obstacle races have become popular as people want to mix up their training techniques.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, making the transition between these types of events is simple.

Breaking up your routine isn’t the only reason people think of taking up multi terrain running; those dealing with knee injuries, IT band issues and shin splints find they have far fewer issues when they are training off-road. Each surface has its own unique advantages and disadvantages:


One of the most ideal running surfaces is the trusted grass. Depending on where you live, grass is one of the most abundant running surfaces - second only to concrete. Grass surfaces are relatively even and have plenty of give. However, they can hide holes that can cause injuries, so keep your eyes peeled and avoid any surfaces that look dubious.


Is more forgiving than concrete but can be a slippery nightmare if the weather has been a little drab. Running form needs to be changed and perfected for running on slippery surfaces to ensure you don’t fall.


Correct footwear is needed to stop mud building up and weighing you down, as well as providing the correct grip to prevent you slipping or getting bogged down in heavy mud. You’ll be surprised how going out in nature and get muddy again can instantly transport you back to your childhood and help you


A run on the beach can be one of the most aerobically demanding runs you’ll ever undertake. Sand has a lot of give and the sinking problems of mud with increased heel movement. Regular runs on sand will ensure your leg strength will increase dramatically. Wet sand provides a bit more stability, so run closer to the water… or on any British beach.

Multi terrain running events are now available to increase the options available for competition. Check out what’s on offer near you.     

21st February 2018, 12:06
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