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How To Kickstart The Weight Loss After Christmas

If you’re planning on losing that Christmas weight over the next month, then here’s a list of top tips to help you start the year right:

·         Drink Water: After buck’s fizz for breakfast and gin and tonic with lunch its time to give your body what it needs. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, so next time you feel like snacking, have a glass of water instead. Make sure you drink water gradually throughout the day rather than all at once to stave off thirst and keep hydrated.

·         Set Realistic Goals: Don’t plan on losing too much weight each week as you’ll only be left disappointed with the results, or lack thereof. Aiming for one or two pounds a week is a more attainable target.

·         10 Minute Rule: Studies suggest that our cravings only last around 10 minutes. So when you get that urge to binge some chocolate, use the next 10 minutes to complete any odd job around the house that’s on your to-do list. Hopefully this should take your mind of your craving and let it pass by.

·         Eat More Often: Although it sounds counter effective, eating little and often (around 5 times a day) is the best way to reduce your weight and keep it off. It’s the best way of keeping your energy levels up, speeding up your metabolism, and curbing those hunger pangs and cravings.

·         Dry January: Giving up alcohol for a month has helped people everywhere take control of their drinking habits. You don’t have to quit drinking forever, but 30 days going cold turkey helps your body reset itself. You will feel the health benefits as well as the benefits to your wallet.

For those of you getting back into training for running events this year, we wish you good luck!

4th January 2018, 10:54
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