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How To Deal With Cramp

If cramp does strike you, pull off to the side of the course and try one of these easy fixes to get you back in the race:

Intense Side Stitch

If you feel an intense stabbing pain under the rib cage this is because you are using muscles on that side preferentially over the other side when breathing. The best way to rid this cramp is to stand up tall and take a few deep belly breaths, then press two fingers directly into the affected area. Keep breathing whilst applying pressure and lean your hips towards the affected side, hold the position until the pain subsides.

Foot Cramp

Usually occurs in the arch of the foot and will feel as though the foot is trying to arch upwards. It can be caused by an imbalance of electrolytes when you lose too many through sweating: they can also be the indication of muscle fatigue.

To ease the cramp, stand still and shift your weight around on the cramped foot, pressing it into the ground as much as possible. Splay your toes apart and stand on one leg if you can.

Calf Cramp

Mild or intense tightness or pain in the calf muscle is caused by electrolyte imbalance or shoe problems. If you feel the cramp, perform a deep lunge with the opposite leg forward to stretch out the affected calf muscle.

Upper Back Tightness

Hip misalignment can cause a tightness between the shoulder blades. To compensate for this, try big, backward shoulder rolls while running. If this doesn’t get rid of the pain, lace your fingers together with your palms facing each other behind your back. Stand as tall as possible before bending forward until you feel your upper back stretch.

Being able to combat cramp will help you if it ever occurs during running events or any other sporting competitions.   

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