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How To Take Good Care Of Your Running Kit

Like climbing into a fresh bed, a fresh running kit is a great feeling. But due to the nature of running, it doesn’t take long for our fresh, new running kit to start feeling a little bedraggled.

From running bras to stinky socks, how can we make our running kit last longer and smell better?

High-performance synthetic materials need to be looked after and in return, they will look after us. Most of us don’t give much thought to how long our sweaty gear sits in the washing basket before making it to the machine and this isn’t the only mistake we’re making.

Cool Wash

The tiny ticket on the lining of our clothes has all the information we need in order to wash them properly, but we rarely look at it. As a general rule, don’t use heat. Instead, opt for a cooler wash for your running gear. High performance fabric is designed to keep you dry and can’t handle extended periods in hot water. Doing so will weaken the nylon or latex fibres.

Washing Powders

Sportswear running detergents are available for those who run enough to be able to do a separate running-kit wash. These products can effectively kill odours completely from the fabrics.

If the smell still remains, resist the urge to use washing powder; this can leave a residue from surfactants which become nourishment for the bacteria and mildew.

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Although it is great for bedsheets, sportswear can become clogged by fabric softeners. This will mean your gear won’t be able to wick sweat and will hold on to that post-run smell.

Washing Baskets

Try and avoid leaving your dirty running gear to sit in your wash basket for longer than three days. Bacteria thrives in damp, dark environments meaning your washing basket will let bacteria live their best lives, and the longer they are allowed to grow, the more odour they will produce.  

When you’re training for running events you may end up building up piles of running gear, so make sure you are taking the time to wash it thoroughly to keep that fresh feeling.

3rd July 2018, 13:10
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