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Should You Spit Out Your Energy Drink?

Swilling energy drinks around your mouth could be just as effective as swallowing it and can also cut out those added calories. In a study carried out by the University of Hertfordshire, a group of 12 fencers were asked to rinse their mouths for five seconds with energy drinks containing maltodextrin: an easily digestible sugar often used in sports supplements. In a separate trial they rinsed with water only.

Looking at the lunge distance and accuracy of shots, researchers found that those who swilled with maltodextrin performed better and suffered from less fatigue than water alone. The accuracy of the fencer’s lunges increased by an average of 6.4 percent.  

This shows that the presence of maltodextrin in the mouth alone is enough to stimulate the areas of the brain associated with motivation and accuracy. Swilling can also help avoid painful stomach cramps caused by drinking cold water during high intensity exercise when the body temperature rises.

Swilling was found not to be as useful for endurance athletes who were taking sports drinks for hydration over improved concentration. The findings bode well for those who worry about the high calorie content of their liquid energy boosters. Especially after it was discovered that some energy drinks contained as many calories as a lot of high-sugar chocolate bars.

Whilst we don’t recommend gargling your beloved orange Lucozade before spitting it all over the gym floor. Those who use high intensity outdoor activity to help improve strength for running events can hopefully benefit from the new information. 



10th July 2018, 10:54
Page updated 10th Jul 2018, 10:55
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