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The Worst Things to Hear During a Triathlon

The sound of the starting gun isn’t the only thing that can instil fear in a triathlon racer. From start to finish, there is a whole host of things that bring dread to those that hear it. Whether it’s the unmistakable sound of an exploding inner tube just as you’re about to take the plunge, or your checkpoint time when it is not what you were aiming for.

What is the last thing you want to hear when racing?

Let’s find out:

Broom Wagon

For the unfortunate racers who don’t make the various cut-off points, the sweeping vehicles that stalk the back of the race are there to pick you off. That sound of an encroaching engine coming to dash your hope of finishing is enough to break anyone’s heart.

Gasping Intake of Breath

You know the water is going to be cold before you even step anywhere near it, so it doesn’t help to hear those jumping in to resurface with cries of “oh my god that’s freezing” as you shuffle along to the starting line.


It’s the sound of true speed on a bike. But it always seems to be sound of everyone else’s disc wheel bikes that are quickly catching you from behind to overtake and disappear into the distance, making you feel like your peddling a dustbin through treacle.

“Looking Good”

We know they’re lying, because we know how we look when we’re coming up to that home stretch, and we know it doesn’t look good. We appreciate the support even though when anybody shouts this we secretly want to rearrange their face.

Your Body

It is a bad sight to see anyone go down with an injury during a race, but for those unlucky enough to hear an injury, it can be truly disturbing. The distinct ‘twang’ of tendons going can haunt your dreams forever.

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17th July 2018, 10:06
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