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Ways Yoga Can Help Improve Your Running

Running and yoga may seem poles apart when it comes to different types of exercise, but with the right mentality, no two things should be exclusive from one another: there is always something to learn from everything we try.

Yoga has so many benefits which can pass over into the routine of a runner. Those who practice both disciplines tend to stay injury-free compared to those who exercise solely through running.

The stresses of running’s repetitive motions can have an adverse effect your body over time. Yoga can provide that perfect preventative and rehabilitating practice to help you improve you running and stay injury free.

Prevent Injuries

A lot of sporting injuries occur from imbalances within our own bodies. This imbalance can come from improper hip alignment, joint instability or limited range of motion. Regardless of which one may affect you, they all have one thing in common: they can all result in pain and injury.

Yoga can help bring your body into balance. This will mean you can run longer and harder, improve your stamina and aid recovery.

Balance and Alignment

Poor alignment is a major cause of joint pain and back injuries in runners and over time can lead to serious injuries. Simple yoga positions just once a week can help your alignment and balance improve dramatically.

Increase Stamina

Although both require different breathing techniques to be effective, each can benefit the other. Yoga helps us create a safe and consistent way of gaining control over our breath through a one breath to one movement practice known as vinyasa.

Over time you will be able to use the connection you learn through yoga to control your breathing during running without the need for a lot of effort.


A vital part of improving performance that most people don’t give much attention too is flexibility. One main reason runners struggle to improve their times, even though they are spending more time working out, is the lack of mobility in their joints and the stiffness in their muscles.

Yoga helps you use muscles through lengthening them as deep as possible, so you can get the most out of each muscle. This increases your joint mobility and stride length.

So, if you have an upcoming running event planned, get out your yoga mat and improve those times.


26th July 2018, 9:30
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