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Common Myths About Physiotherapy All Runners Should Know

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, is a science based holistic rehabilitation for anyone suffering from physical disabilities or injuries. They can help improve quality of life for those with mobility issues by helping to return functional mobility for people of all ages.

Physiotherapy is common amongst runners who suffer from any injuries in the short or long term. And with 25% of all runners experiencing an injury at some point in time, it is important to know when you should visit one.

There are some common myths surrounding physiotherapy. Here we are going to debunk some of those myths, so you can get a clearer idea of what they do and when you should decide to go see one:

Physiotherapy Requires A Doctor’s Referral

Most believe that a trip to a physiotherapist must be prescribed by a doctor. But a lot of sporting injuries don’t require you to visit your doctor and in actual fact, you can make an appointment for consultation and treatment directly to a physiotherapist. A doctor’s note may only be necessary for insurance purposes.

Physiotherapy Is For Athletes

Physiotherapists treat a large range of patients, from athletes, to office workers, those recovering from accident and those with simple wear and tear pain.

Even if you exercise in moderate amounts and are suffering any pain or discomfort, a trip to a physiotherapist can help rid you of these niggles and get you back to your best.

Physiotherapy Is Something You Can Do At Home

Although partly true, a physiotherapist will be able to tell you the exact types of stretches or exercises you can do at home in order to recover. Trying to self-diagnose your injuries can mean you end up exacerbating the problem even further.

If you are training for running events and are feeling any discomfort, seeing a physiotherapist can help treat any injuries and get you back on your feet as quick as possible.     


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