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Essential Safety Tips For Runners

Even though we all love running for the health benefits, social life and just pure thrill or being out in the open, there are also some things we need to be careful of when we’re out jogging.

Men and women alike will encounter dangers when running but women are more at risk from other dangers than men are. Ask any female runner and she can probably tell you about at least one time she felt unsafe or had a ‘close call’. It is a sad fact that some of these risks still exist in todays society, but there are things we can all do to help avoid them:

Running With Pepper Spray

In the UK we are generally safe from wildlife, but if you are running somewhere where the wildlife may become a serious danger to you then it is advised you carry a small can of pepper spray with you. Bears, wolves and even mountain lions have all been known to attack runners in some parts of the world, and no matter how fast you can run, you can’t outrun these four-legged speedsters.

Pepper spray can even help you out if you are attacked by a person; whether they are trying to rob you or are trying something more sinister, a blast of pepper spray will give you the chance to escape.

Personal Safety Device

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being attacked, then a safety device that emits a loud alarm could save your life. The loud siren will make attackers think twice about continuing the attack and should hopefully scare them into fleeing.

Avoid Running With Headphones

Music is great inspiration on a run, but having both headphones in can mean we are tuned out to sounds around us, including any possible threats. If you are training for running events when it is dark, on a busy street or bike path, near golf courses, where dogs are running free or where attackers may be a threat then you will need all your senses to be alert.



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