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Why Do We Run?

We sometimes take running for granted; it can only be when we are struck down with injury or sickness and can’t run for a few weeks that we realise how much we miss it.

Being forced to take time away from running can be frustrating, but it does open our eyes to all the reasons we love to run:

1.      Health

At the end of any run there is always the uplifting feeling that you’ve done something to improve your health and well-being. Cardiovascular workouts perform wonders for our bodies and feeling the benefits over time makes running worth it.

2.      Life Expectancy

Running reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, and neurological diseases; which all make running worth it. Being able to extend the time we have with our family and friends is something money can’t buy.

3.      Running makes you smarter

It has been shown that running for just a few days creates hundreds of thousands of new cells in the brain’s grey matter (the area of the brain that controls memory and learning).

4.      Flat belly

We are always trying to find ways to avoid a flabby belly and one of the sure-fire ways of keeping a slim figure is to run. Running is the best calorie burner and will help you stop the flab collecting around your midriff.

5.      Eat More

When you’re burning more calories, you don’t need to feel as guilty about treating yourself to that cheeseburger or that extra glass of wine (large). When you are training for running events you need to eat more to fuel your exertions; your body needs the fuel to go the distance, so you don’t need to be skinny at this point. Nourish those hard-working muscles with some extra portions of your favourite foods.   

6.      Feel Happier

Stress relief doesn’t come much better than a long hard run. Most runners will attest to the fact that running has done wonders for feelings of depression and lethargy and actually made them feel happier in their day-to-day lives.





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