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Alternative Cardio For Weight Loss

The type of exercise you do will determine the body that you have. For example, if you train like a distance runner, you will develop a runner’s body with a smaller amount of lean muscle; if you train like a sprinter, you’ll form a sprinters body and see muscle growth and fat loss.

Intensity is paramount for burning more fat and improving your speed and running times, at both long and short distances. But pounding the pavement every week can become tedious exercise, to keep things fresh, here are a few different exercises you can do to mix it up:

  • Elliptical
  • If you struggle with your hips and knees, then this exercise provides minimal impact training for you to boost your endurance without battering your joints. Because the impact is low, the calorie burning effect is not as efficient as other training methods but adding a high incline will activate your leg muscles and really work your glutes.

  • Stair climber
  • Climbing stairs uses considerably more muscle than simply walking. Hitting the stair climber is a popular way to burn fat and calories but it does put a lot of pressure on your joints. Incorporating medium weight kettlebells or dumbbells in a farmer carry will incorporate upper body and core strength exercises into your stair climb.

  • Jump Rope
  • It’s no accident that jump rope has become a vital part of boxer’s exercise regime. It’s cheap, easy, it increases foot speed, and burns a ton of calories. As well as the calorie burning and fat loss you’d expect from a cardiovascular exercise, it also enhances your footwork, shoulder strength and coordination. 30 minutes of skipping rope can burn up to 500 calories.

    Mix up your training for upcoming running events by incorporating some of these different cardiovascular exercises. The will help you become a more well-rounded runner, whilst helping you burn fat and increase your endurance.

    3rd May 2018, 13:31
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