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Could Throwing Away Banana Peels Be Throwing Away Important Nutrients?

Either by curiosity or by accident, odds are you’ve ended up with a mouthful of banana skin. And let’s be honest, it tastes rank; nothing like the sweet and delicious fruit inside. But here’s something we didn’t know: the peel on a banana is actually more nutritious than the fruit inside.

We were a little sceptical at first too, but it turns out you can get more out of our favourite fruit by incorporating the skin. You will need a high-powered blender though – simply munching on banana skins isn’t going to cut the mustard.

Removing the stem and chucking the rest into your smoothie has a number of great benefits:


The peel contains vitamin A and lutein which contribute to eye health by protecting against cataracts and macular degeneration.


Tryptophan and mood-elevating serotonin are all found in varying levels of the banana peel depending on how ripe it is.


Most of the potassium in a banana is found in the skin; potassium works with sodium to balance the fluids and electrolyte levels in your body, regulating heartbeat and protecting against heart disease.

Whiter Teeth

For those wanting a whiter smile; banana skins can be the key. Potassium is also great for helping your teeth keep their white colour.


The high concentration of phytochemicals such as polyphenols and carotenoids help fight cancer.

Lose Weight

Thanks to the high levels of soluble and insoluble fibre in the skins, the peel can help slow digestion, boost the feeling of fullness, and also help lower your cholesterol.


Banana skins actually take a staggering 2 years to biodegrade, so blending them up in your smoothie not only helps your body, it also keeps it out of landfill.

If you try incorporating banana peel into your smoothies in preparation for running events, let us know how you get on.



21st May 2018, 11:17
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