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Benefits Of Training Solo

For runners there is pretty much only two ways to train; either by yourself, or in a group. Some people prefer the pack mentality taking their mind off the actual running and allowing their exercise to become more of a social activity. Others prefer to run solo, taking the time for quiet reflection.

Whilst a lot of people will tell you that running in a group and having people to motivate you is much better for improving your performance, there are also a number of powerful benefits to running alone:

1.     Injury Reduction

Without a pace setter you can control the level at which you are running and making sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. Your group running day may call for a heavy performance whilst your body is telling you that you need to take it easy, without anyone to keep up with, you can help avoid injuries that occur from overwork by choosing a speed that suits you.

2.     Internal Pacing

If the group plan is to take it easy on a certain day but you’re feeling much stronger and ready to push the pace, you can do. You don’t need to worry about leaving anyone behind if you want to up the tempo.

3.     Build Your Mental Strength

In group runs you have someone to rely on to help get you through those moments of fatigue, but solo runs encourage you to develop the tactics that can help improve your mental strength, making you much better at handling the highs and lows of training.

4.     Goals

It is easy to become reliant on a group and be influenced by the masses. If you run in a group and one person cancels, it is easy for everyone to follow suit and throw in the towel too. Mixing in solo runs helps you keep putting in the work even when the group wimps out.

5.     Develop Your Focus

Running groups tend to be quite chatty so it can be difficult to keep track of your breathing techniques and running form. Solo runs give you the chance to work on these properly, so when you step up for a running event, you can choose to either chat to someone or continue solo without losing performance. 

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