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Food and Drinks That Will Ruin Your Running Performance

We’re always told what we should be eating when training. But there is also a comprehensive list of food and drink that will make it so much harder to perform well.

Some foods don’t sit well at the best of times and will cause all kinds of problems if you try and train on. What you eat and drink as a runner can make all the difference, but what should be avoided and why?

1.     Energy Drinks

Drinks like Red Bull claim to be able to give you an instant boost of energy, but this energy boost is in no means the same as the energy from an isotonic sports drink. Isotonic drinks help to replace fluids and nutrients lost through exercise, energy drinks only serve to boost your heart rate through caffeine and large amounts of sugar. Just one can of energy drink can increase your risk of heart damage and raise your blood pressure.

2.     Fried Food

Some runners believe fried food to be a great energy source, but this idea is highly misconceived. Fried food is packed with bad fats that are extremely hard to digest. These fats sit in your stomach and can cause serious stomach problems and discomfort when running. Instead of smashing your PB you will most likely find yourself feeling heavy and sluggish after eating fried food.

3.     Athlete Endorsed Products

Unfortunately, athletes care more for money than the product they actually put their name to. Researchers have discovered that of 122 foods and drinks endorsed by professional athletes, 80% were energy dense and nutrient poor. 93% of the drinks contained unhealthy amounts of additional sugar.

4.     Dairy

The lactose in dairy products is difficult for some people to digest and is commonly thought of as the major reason behind stomach discomfort amongst runners. When you run, your digestive system is put under more strain, so you may not experience these problems in normal life, only when you are training.

5.     High Fibre Foods

Fibre is extremely important part of your diet, but foods that are very high in fibre should be avoided wherever possible just before a run. Fibre in the digestive tract produces gas, which will cause pain and bloating and even ‘runner’s trots’ which you definitely don’t want to experience – just ask Paula Radcliffe.

Remember to avoid these foods when training for running events, otherwise you will see your performance decline and possibly make yourself ill.  

26th October 2018, 9:35
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