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Healthy Eating Mistakes: Breakfast

It has forever been heralded as the ‘most important meal of the day’, but is this all a myth or does the science hold up?

We’ve always been told that eating breakfast gets our metabolism working, makes us feel less hungry and can even assist in weight loss. We take a microscope to some of the most common myths:

1.     Eating Breakfast Makes You Lose Weight

It has commonly been believed that starting your day by eating breakfast helps fight obesity. But now newer findings suggest that this research may have simply been misinterpreted.  A lot of these studies also reported that those who ate breakfast also took part in much more physical activity throughout the day and other studies looked at breakfasters who changed their entire eating habits as a whole, eating healthier meals at controlled calorie counts throughout the week.

It seems as though the one thing that can be agreed upon is that those who eat breakfast are, more often than not, generally more active than those who don’t, but there is no reason to believe it makes significant changes to your metabolism.

2.     Breakfast Is Good For Your Heart

According to the same research about metabolism claims that breakfast plays an integral part in heart health are also misleading. Whether or not we eat breakfast or not seems to have very little to do with cardiovascular health, rather, what you choose to eat for breakfast has much more of an effect.

3.     Breakfast Makes You Feel Less Hungry Throughout The Day

It is a common belief that those who skip on breakfast feel hungrier and eat more calories throughout the day as a result. Research found that skipping breakfast may truly make people feel hungrier by lunch time, but those people didn’t actually go on to consume more calories in total throughout the day compared to those who ate breakfast.

When it comes to breakfast, it is purely down to each person’s personal preference, but we recommend a healthy breakfast before any running events so you have that energy to work with.    

12th October 2018, 12:53
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