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How To Stay Hydrated On A Run

We all know the importance of drinking water when exercising. The human body doesn’t do well when it is dehydrated, and the rise in body temperature from running means we will sweat out a fair amount of water at a pretty fast rate – water which needs to be replaced.

When you are out for a run, it can be difficult to carry enough fluids with you to sustain you through a long run. To lend a helping hand, we looked at the best ways to remain hydrated when running:

Running Bottles

Carrying a water bottle is the most basic way of staying hydrated, although it can be a hindrance. There are water bottles specifically designed for runners, so you won’t have to carry that re-used 2-litre coke bottle.

Wrist bottles have an ergonomic and textured feel which makes them easier to carry when you run. Soft bottles have been on the market a while now and are quickly becoming very popular. The bottle gradually gets smaller as you drink the contents, so the water doesn’t slosh around.

Bottle Belts

For those who like to remain hands-free when running, bottle belts are the perfect gadget. They simply fit round a runner’s waist or worn like a backpack and carry water in a sealed bladder. The runner drinks the contents through a rubber tube akin to camel packs that hikers tend to use.

If you are hill running, you can use a belt or backpack with more storage room for food or waterproofs.

Hydration Backpacks

The biggest benefit to a backpack is that you can carry way more than you ever could if you are carrying it in your hand or around your waist: backpack bladders can hold up to 1.5L of water. A good quality backpack for runners will have a separate section for the bladder which will keep it from moving around too much and protect it from any sharp objects in the main section such as keys.

Always remember the importance of staying hydrated when training for running events. Everyone is different, so experiment with different ways to stay hydrated to find which one works best for you. 

23rd October 2018, 9:40
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