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The Run/Walk Method: How It Can Benefit A Beginner

If you’re starting to get back in shape after some time on the side-lines, or are taking up running for the first time, those first few runs can be tough. If you haven’t ran in a long time, it can be really difficult to put in even 20 minutes of non-stop running.

One effective tool to help people ease back into the swing of things is to try the walk/run technique. This technique is so useful that even seasoned runners use it to improve endurance and race times, but it is also incredibly effective for increasing endurance in those that find it hard to exercise for long periods of time.

What is the walk/run method?

The method is simple: After a 5-minute walk and stretch to warm up, run for a short segment before taking a break with a walk. Alternate the segments for however long you want. Beginners are best opting for a one-minute run followed by a seven-minute walk.

Simply follow your pattern until you have achieved your set distance or time. Always start your walk segment before your muscles get too tired running. This allows your muscles to recover instantly, extending the time and distance that you can ultimately cover. By waiting until you are fatigued before you start walking, you will walk slowly and find it incredibly difficult to start running again.

Runners find it easier to perform the run/walk method if they have a watch or other gadget that can signal when they need to switch. Simple running watches have this function as standard, but there are other gadgets available, as well as apps for your phone.

It is important to remember that the running segments of the run/walk methods aren’t leisurely strolls. You should be pushing yourself during the walk, using correct form by pumping your arms and having a much quicker pace than your walk to the pub.

Utilising the walk/run method, beginners can build their endurance until they can run for more considerable amounts of time. For those training for running events, the walk/run method can be used by even seasoned athletes to avoid injury and help increase distance.    

18th October 2018, 8:45
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