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All You Need To Know About Buggy Running

After having a child, running is a great way to get your fitness back. But now you have a little one in tow, getting out can be a challenge. If you’re planning on running with your baby in a buggy or pushchair, there’s a few things you should know.

Preparing to take your baby out for a buggy run doesn’t require hours of preparation and provides you with a great way for both you and the little one to get some fresh air, and for you to get some exercise.

To make sure things go smoothly, here are some of our top tips for running with a buggy:

·        Age

Advice tends to vary on the right age to take a child out running in a pram. It is generally recommended that babies should be able to sit up and hold their head properly before you start running with them; usually around 6-9 months of age.

·        Specialist Pushchairs

If you are training and will be running with your baby or toddler, then it is important you buy a specialist running stroller suitable for the terrain you will be running on and has a wheel size larger than 16 inches. Some designs are more suited for off-road while others cater for a smoother pavement run.

Stability and comfort are important for your child, so make sure the buggy has suspension and shock absorption. Also, try and buy one with a handbrake and a running screen to protect them on sunny days.

·        Preparation

You should always make sure you wear suitable footwear when you’re running, pushchair or not. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water before and after exercise – particularly if you’re still breastfeeding – and remember to warm up and cool down.

·        Running with a Pushchair

When running with a buggy, your posture is very important. Have a light grip on the handlebars and use a wrist strap so that the buggy remains attached to you at all times. If you have a front wheel that swivels, lock it in place for stability on the move.

Run with your chest out, shoulder blades down and back, and remain in an upright position. The handles should sit at the right height, so you are not stooping forwards. Keep your elbows soft, not locked out straight and keep your core engaged to support your lower back.

Plenty of women take part in running events with their pushchairs and it is easy to find running groups that support those with young children. 

7th September 2018, 8:58
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