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How Much Does It Cost to Get Started in Triathlon Races?

Have you thought about getting involved with triathlon events but worried about how much it will all cost?

Setting big athletic goals is something a lot of people do at the start of the year, only to quickly give up on the idea by the end of January. When it comes to triathlon events, the training can be intense and multi-faceted and take months to complete. They also have the reputation of being very expensive.

But with more and more people signing up for triathlons every year, how much will one actually cost you?


The bike is always going to be a triathlete’s biggest expense. As a beginner, you can get by on a cheaper road bike, but as you move up the ladder, bike costs can become quite extravagant. Most triathletes in the early stages opt for bikes around £1,000 before moving up to a much more expensive option after a few years to an official “triathlon bike”.

Some fall into the trap of thinking a better bike will improve their performance – and it will to an extent – but there is nothing more key to success than putting in more and better training. Some of the best triathletes do well on bikes they buy second hand for around £500-700.

Initial costs: roughly £500+

Swimming Costs

After a swimsuit, goggles and a cap your biggest swimming expense will be on using a facility and for triathlon-specific wetsuits for races in cold water.

Monthly memberships for indoor pool access vary on where you go, the more expensive gyms can give you more pool space to yourself, so you aren’t butting heads with a lot of other swimmers.

Initial Costs: About £30-50 a month

Running Costs

Brand new running shoes start at about £30-40, pants at £25 and shorts at £20. You can invest in a sports watch for around £15+ but you can map and time running events times using your smart phone. These costs will mean running ends up being your cheapest discipline as you can do it anywhere.

Initial Costs: Roughly £100 

11th September 2018, 10:24
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