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The Benefits of First Aid in Sports

It is hard to deny that an individual trained in first aid can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. After all, knowing how to react and what to do is crucial. In sporting events, the requirements can be tough both physically and mentally demanding which is why it can be beneficial to be first aid trained. After all, you never know when such medical skills can come in handy. Read on to find out a few benefits of first aid training in sports…


Although many sporting events tend to have medics on standby in case people require treatment, they are often stretched out which means that it may not be possible to alert those with the qualifications straight away. After all, marathons are 26 miles long! In some situations, time is of the essence and being trained in first aid can make a real difference whilst an ambulance is called or medics are alerted.


Many people tend to train for events with friends however this doesn’t mean that something won’t go wrong just because it is a practice run. If at least one person in a training group is first aid trained it can make the entire activity much safer and give people peace of mind. In fact, the one trained can even relay the information in order to ensure that every person is cared for.


It is not uncommon for people to collapse during sporting events however it can be shocking when it happens. First aid trainers are taught how to respond to an emergency in a calm and collected way and it is important that there is a person who can keep a level head during a sporting emergency. After all, the first thing many people tend to do is panic.

Here at Bookit Zone, we have a wide range of running events in order to cater for the preference of every runner. With this said, we believe that there is nothing more important than medical treatment during tough races which is why we encourage all sportsmen and sportswomen to consider a first aid course. After all, you could save a life! Get in contact with a member of the Bookit Zone team to find out more information today.

3rd September 2018, 11:35
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