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Busting the Running Myths

Like sports as a whole, the running industry is not immune from the development of myths. In fact, many of these false truths get passed from one person to another relatively quickly in modern society. After all, the internet plays a big role in sports and fitness and this makes it incredibly easy for people to naively believe information with no evidence to back it up. Luckily, the BookitZone team are on a mission to bust the running myths once and for all! Read on to find out more...

Myths: Always complete static stretches before you run

Although stretching is important in exercise, its necessity before running is a subject that has been widely debated by the experts. In fact, static stretching is actually thought to be more counterproductive at warming up the body before a big run. As a result, it is recommended that you carry out a low impact cardio-based form of stretching known as dynamic stretching before a work out by briskly walking for five minutes instead.

Myth: Carb-loading is important for all runners

Carbohydrates are the way our body gets energy; however, many new runners incorrectly believe that they have to eat loads of foods rich in carbs before they carry out a run to gain enough energy reserves and be able to keep up. The truth is that, unless you are carrying out a big race like a marathon, there is no reason to alter your diet at all.

Myth: You should never have rest days

Many runners are led to believe that the best of the best train every single day. Although there is some truth to this, it is only professional athletes who have built a career around the running industry who will train every single day. In fact, you are more likely to injure yourself if you neglect rest days and do not give your body the time it needs in order to recuperate after an intense workout.

Here at BookitZone, we are proud to say that our running events are incredibly inclusive. After all, they are marketed for every runner regardless of their experience in the industry. In fact, we have made it our mission to debunk all of the misleading myths that have managed to infiltrate every corner of the internet. Are you unsure about the credibility of a piece of running trivia? Get in contact with a member of the BookitZone team today and we will help you decide whether it is fact or fiction! After all, it is common knowledge that well-educated runners are less likely to suffer from a running related injury.

5th February 2019, 11:19
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