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Running Mistakes That Every Beginner Makes

Starting a new form of exercise can be daunting for a beginner, especially when it comes to an activity as competitive as running. With this said, there are athletes who have been in the industry for over 10 years who are actually making the same mistakes as many beginners. In order to ensure that you get started on the right foot, the team here at BookitZone have decided to go over the most common running mistakes that every beginner makes, so that you can correct them before they become a bad habit. Read on to find out more...


Whether you are a new runner or an experienced runner, a fitted pair of running shoes is not something that should be taken for granted. After all, running is a very impact-based sport and it is important to protect your joints so that you don’t end up with a serious injury that can set back your progress. In fact, new runners should go to a speciality store and ask a professional to recommend the right shoe for their running type.

Over Striding

Every runner knows that correct form involves landing heel first in order to spread your weight effectively. With this said, most runners tend to over stride and this means that their foot often lands well ahead of their centre of gravity and this can ultimately lead to a painful condition known as shin splints. In order to prevent it, runners should ensure that they don’t lunge forwards with their body as they run, particularly when going downhill.


Even though we breathe every single day, there is a different process to follow as we run and most beginner runners do not know this. In fact, if this mistake is not tackled early on then it can become a difficult habit to break. Generally, runners should breath in through their mouth and nose in order to get as much oxygen as possible. In addition to this, it is more beneficial to practice diaphragm breathing rather than chest breathing, as the latter can lead to side stitches.

Here at BookitZone, we like to think that tackling a mistake whilst a runner is still relatively new to the industry is the best way to ensure that the habit gets broken. After all, breathing may sound incredibly simple but there is a specific way that can help you avoid stitches. Our running events are perfect for runners of all abilities as a form of exercise or competitive practice. To find out more information about how to eradicate bad habits before race day, get in contact with a member of the BookitZone team today!

5th February 2019, 11:20
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