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3 Things We Can Learn From Usain Bolt

As one of the most famous sprinters in the world, Usain Bolt is a public figure that every serious runner should look up to. After all, he was just 15-years old when he won the 200m gold medal at the World Junior Championships in Jamaica and is an eight-time Olympic gold medallist. Here at BookitZone, we know how many runners use role models as a source of motivation and in this article we have decided to go over three important things that can be learnt from Usain Bolt…

1.    Be Prepared To Make The Necessary Sacrifices

If you are a serious runner who is training for a major athletic event like a marathon, it is important to remember to make sacrifices along the way. In fact, Usain Bolt once told Daily Mail that ‘when you’re training as hard as you can, you have to try and get your rest’. As running is a commitment that requires 110%, you must be prepared to sacrifice things like personal time, social gatherings and unhealthy foods in order to reach your goal.

2.    A Poor Start Doesn’t Necessarily Mean A Poor Finish

In 2017, Bolt had a poor start to the 100m final and stumbled as he left the blocks; however, he managed to get his head back in the game and finished strongly, winning his heat in just 10.07 seconds. This anecdote goes to show that a poor start doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a poor finish; if you master your craft and give 100% then you always have a chance of redemption.

3.    There Is Always Room For Improvement

It is important that all runners remember that even their best can be improved upon if they are willing to dedicate the time and energy to it. In fact, the principle of believing that there is always room for improvement is something that can be applied to any and all industries. At 6ft 5, Usain Bolt has publicly stated that a good start doesn’t come naturally to him, so he has had to practice consistently in order to perfect it. By doing so, he has acknowledged that even the former fastest man in the world knew that there was room for improvement.

If running is something that inspires you then our services here at BookitZone could be of interest! As the leading online events listing system, we use the latest technology and a fully customisable interface in order to make signing up for your local running events, cycling events and triathlons simpler than ever. Regarded as one of the best sportsmen in the world, it is likely that Usain Bolt is the source of motivation for many runners and by following his advice, you may find that your goals are clearer than ever. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the BookitZone team today!

17th January 2019, 12:56
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