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How To Stay In Shape When Injured

Find the Silver lining

If your injury means you have to sit out for a number of weeks, then get ready to see your times drop. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to stop this from happening, apart from changing your mindset. Consider this time as part of a rebuilding process. This is an opportunity to let your body get some much-earned rest, reset yourself, and start again with a clear head.

Let it out

Seeing your hard-earned progress stall is going to be stressful, and having to sit on the side line is enough to make the best of us want to cry. It’s ok to feel this way, so don’t worry about shedding a tear over some lost time, it’s all an important part of the healing process.

Ease Yourself back into it

Even when you’re carrying an injury there are ways to workout without aggravating it. Unless your doctor has told you specifically not to exercise at all, you can still exercise other parts of your body to avoid a decline and to keep a bit of mental stability. Just don’t do anything too stressful – save that for when you’re fully healed.

Community Spirit

If you’re part of an exercise community, no doubt you’ll know a lot of other people who have been through these tough times. These fellow runners will be able to give you solid advice and reassurance as you find your way back on your feet.

Be Vigilant

Even if you can’t work out, it can be helpful to spend some time at the gym, watching and observing others. Seeing people working hard can be a positive influence on your mentality when you’re out of the game.

When injury sets you back in preparation for running events, don’t fret. Use these tips and find what works best for you until you’re back fighting fit. 

24th January 2018, 10:45
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