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Gator Events Gator Events

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This organiser has 5 events.

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  • Sat 18 Jul 2020

    The Gator Run

    Lower Drayton Farm, Lower Drayton, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RE

    The Gator Run is a Mud Run/OCR that is designed with everyone in mind. It will be great fun for those who want to get around with their friends, family or work mates while raising money for good causes or charities…

    Running Events > Obstacle/Adventure Race
    1. The Gator Run 09.00am Start 5.03.11
    2. The Gator Run 09.30am Start 5.03.11
    3. The Gator Run 10.00am Start 5.03.11
    4. The Gator Run 10.30am Start 5.03.11
    5. The Gator Run 11.00am Start
    6. The Gator Run 11.30 am Start 5.03.11
    7. The Gator Run (Emergency Services Wave) 10.15am Start 10.06.21
    8. The Gator Run (NHS Wave) 10.45am Start 5.03.11
    9. The Gator Run (Child 8 to 13) 11.00am Start 5.03.11
    10. The Gator Run (Child 8 to 13) 11.30am Start 5.03.11
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  • Sun 03 Nov 2019

    Cherry Orchard Farm 5ves

    Cherryb Orchard Farm, Church Hill, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 4PX

    The Cherry Orchard 5ves are a challenging Cross Country race with stunning views over Staffordshire. It's a challenging cousre make no mistake but the course is challenging to all. There is a 5 mile course with plenty…

    Running Events
    Running Events > Cross Country
    1. Cherry Orchard Farm 5ves 5miles 8.055.0
    2. Cherry Orchard Farm 5ves 5k 5.03.11
  • Sat 19 Oct 2019

    Muddy Paws Run

    Lower Drayton Farm, Penkridge Road, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RE

    Muddy Paws Run is a 5k race on farmland in Staffordshire with fantastic views over Cannock Chase. The run has a staggered start to allow more room on the course for competitors to enjoy it without worrying about…

    Running Events
    Running Events > Canicross
    1. Mudddy Paws Run 5.03.11
    2. Muddy Paws Run 5.03.11
    3. Muddy Paws Run 5.03.11
    4. Muddy Paws Run 5.03.11
    5. Muddy Paws Run 5.03.11
    6. more options
  • Sun 13 Oct 2019

    Muddy Paws Mudventure

    Lower Drayton Farm, Lower Drayton, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RE

    The aim of Muddy Paws Mudventure is to help provide local rescue centres and rehoming kennels with vital food and equipment that is constantly needed throughout the year. We have a 2.5k or a 5k course but you are…

    Running Events
    Running Events > Canicross
    1. Muddy Paws Mudventure 08.30 Start 5.03.11
    2. Muddy Paws Mudventure 09.00 Start 5.03.11
    3. Muddy Paws Mudventure 09.30 Start 5.03.11
    4. Muddy Paws Mudventure 10.00 Start 5.03.11
    5. Muddy Paws Mudventure 10.30 Start 5.03.11
    6. Muddy Paws Mudventure 11.00 Start 5.03.11
    7. Muddy Paws Mudventure 11.30 Start 5.03.11
    8. Muddy Paws Mudventure 12.00 Start 5.03.11
    9. more options
  • Sun 08 Sep 2019

    Lower Drayton 5ves

    Lower Drayton Farm, Lower Drayton, Penkridge, Staffordshire, ST19 5RE

    The multi terrain race has something for everyone. Some small undulations with a fast flat section and then on the 5 mile course the twist! The 5k course ihas again something for everyone…

    Running Events
    Running Events > Multi Terrain
    1. Lower Drayron 5ves - 5miles 8.055.0
    2. Lower Drayton 5ves - 5k 5.03.11
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